Presence Over Perfection


During our practice, we often find ourselves striving for perfection. Vowing to never to miss a queue, omit a side, or skip a chaturanga.


Even some of our Real Hot Yoga certified instructor’s state that, even as someone guiding the class practice, they too felt compelled to never confuse their left with their right or a knee with an elbow. Which is much easier to do than you think! It wasn’t until farther into their practice that they too had an epiphany: perfection wasn’t the key to their practice: connection, kindness, compassion, and humility were.


Just as you may often hear “your practice, your mat,” I also encourage you to follow our instructor’s other favorite sayings while leading their Real Hot Yoga classes, “you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be present.”


Here at Real Hot Yoga, we encourage more authenticity than perfectionism, more humility than ego, more acceptance than judgment, and more kindness than competitiveness.


Whether your interest in yoga derives from stress relief, fat burning, recovery, or restorative intentions; understanding the importance of presence over perfection is essential.


Join us in the sanctuary of our yoga studio as we all - even those guiding us - continue to grow our practice while surrounded by a supportive and encouraging yoga community!



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