A Quality Summer!

 It’s SUMMER! Sure enough, it’s that time of year again when children are out of school and at home.


As parents, many feel like summer is the time of year that they should stay at home and spend time with their children. Priorities of being a parent make them lean away from their yoga routine and mold to what their children require; however, if we really tune into what our yoga instructors speak about in class – they are inferring we do just the opposite.


It is only when you give back to yourself that you can, in turn, give more to others.


If you stop giving your mind time to refresh and your body time to reboot – you’ll end up not being able to give your children that quality time you had intended. Despite assumptions, maintaining your practice will not take away time from time with your children but rather make it more genuine. Through your practice you will be more present, more aware, and more in tuned with what both you and your children need. What does a lot of time mean with someone if it isn’t truly quality time?


What happens on your yoga mat directly translates to what occurs off the mat as well. Practicing yoga teaches us to still our mind and direct our focus. By nurturing that skillset, you will often find that while families and children can often be a sporadic experience, you can use your yogi skillsets to still your mind and truly be present. 


By training your body and mind to let go of stress and stay focused on the present moment, you are sure to find a tranquility and presence like any other. Whether at home, with your family, or attending one of our Real Hot Yoga classes, just remember: you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be present.


Interested in yoga for beginners or power yoga? Our Real Hot Yoga studio is the perfect environment and community for either! Yoga for beginners is a slow-paced class that walks you through movements and helps you find your own flow. (You can even call the studio and our welcoming staff will be happy to recommend a class!) We also have Power Yoga which is an excellent way to tone and strengthen muscles, increase heart rate, and burn calories.


No matter what style of yoga you seek, we are sure to be a stepping stone in ensuring you enjoy a more present and quality lifestyle – and summer! 


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