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I was introduced to yoga while living in Denver in 2009. I have realized that no matter where I go or end up there is a community of yogis sprouting in just about every corner of the world. My practice has given me a true enlightenment between mind, body, and soul. The vigor from physical practice is where my personal enlightenment started, and the rest was soon to follow. I hope to awaken this in my students. 
Kari is one instructor who has your back! And we mean that quite literally... as a Chiropractor she knows that a strong, healthy and flexible spine is the key to a long and active life! As a long time practitioner of yoga, seeing the benefits in her own life, it only made sense to become certified to teach so she could further help her clients.
In addition to yoga and chiropractic, Kari is also a Cross Fit trainer. Incorporating elements of yoga into her other training has proved effective in giving athletes a competitive edge and reducing injury. 
Vicky has been practicing yoga since 2009 and teaching since 2011. She teaches a fun, flowing and energetic style of yoga for all levels.
Growing up playing a wide variety of sports led to her love of exercise and a need to stay active and fit as an adult. She has a background in personal fitness training and in classroom style safety training.
Vicky is drawn to teaching and loves the ever-evolving journey that yoga is taking her through and looks forward to sharing this with her students.
Dana Graduated from East Tennessee State with a Masters concentration in Exercise Science. With over a decade of experience in physical therapy,exercise physiology, biofeedback and injury prevention - your body and its health is in GREAT hands! In addition to yoga training, Dana holds too many fitness certifications to mention!
Having the opportunity to help others improve their health and lives through exercise is what fires Dana up and gets her jumping out of the bed in the morning! She look at yoga and exercise as preventative medicine. The evidence and medical research is overwhelming and continues to show that exercise and proper nutrition will reduce your risk of just about every physical or mental ailment known to man. Her hope is to do her parti n improving as many lives as she can.
Casey Sagers began teaching yoga in 2007. She is Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 hr and RYT 500.  Casey believes that yoga assists everyone in renewing the mind, supporting the body, and rejuvenating the spirit. She teaches several types of classes including Yin, Flow and Restorative. Her classes are a creative mix of several styles taught from her heart. Every class is unique and infused with Spirit-filled guidance for living life abundantly! Her classes can make your body sweat or guide you into total relaxation. With a healthy awareness of alignment, Casey will encourage you to practice yoga all of your life. 
When Cassie found yoga it started as a way to still get a workout in on rest days, but quickly became much more. Slowly it transformed her from the inside out. She soon fell in love with the practice and the awareness that it brought - of how horrible she was treating herself and the beautiful possibilities. It was then she knew she had to share this! After completing several other yoga certifications she recently attained her yoga alliance RYT 200 status.

Cassie believes that living life to the fullest is achieved in the present moment when we learn to find the delicate balance between mind, body and spirit – which is really what yoga is all about. Yoga is what lights up her life and reminds her of how much abundance exists. She can’t wait to share her yoga with you!
Katie began taking yoga classes at real hot yoga when one of her friends begged her to join in January of 2014 after they had first opened. After taking her first class with her friend, Katie fell in love with the practice and began to inquire on becoming a yoga teacher. With a desire for learning and an aspiration to dive deeper into the meaning of yoga she began her teacher training journey in January 2016. Yoga has not only made her more flexible, but has given her more courage, confidence and peace in her heart. Yoga is not only exercise, but it is a way of living.
Mylinda discovered her love of yoga after graduating college. She tried hot yoga for the first time in 2012 and loved the way it made her feel emotionally and physically. She decided she wanted to be an instructor and received her 200hr RYT with Katie Silcox; an internationally known yoga teacher. She is currently working on her 300hr RYT at Real Hot Yoga Johnson City and will register as a 500hr RYT in December 2017. Mylinda is also a certified Barre instructor and enjoys teaching both a challenging power yoga flow and barre class. She has a real love of music which you will experience in her classes. Whatever class you choose of Mylinda's you will be sure to sweat and have fun!
Tonya feels yoga has vastly improved her physical and mental wellbeing. This led her to become one of Real Hot Yoga's top yoga teacher training graduates from the Knoxville training in summer of 2015.
Her desire to help others is what originally led her to the nursing field and to teaching yoga: to help people, make people feel better, and make a difference in peoples lives. She left patient care about a year ago to focus on her own health. Between teaching yoga and volunteering with different organizations, Tonya is committed to continuing to help others. 
Johnson City is excited to have her leading both Baptiste inspired power yoga classes as well as her own creatively sequenced power yoga classes.
Erik Goransson started doing yoga in 2013 mainly as a way to get more flexible and avoid running injuries. In early 2014, two of Erik's friends invited him to his first Bikram hot hatha class yoga class in Asheville, NC and they were soon driving to Asheville on a regular basis until RHY opened in Johnson City offering their hot hatha Real Hot 21 and 25 series.
Meanwhile, Erik ran a full marathon about every other month over the next two years. During this time, Erik noticed that knee, foot, and ankle pain actually went away. The time to recover between long runs decreased, and his over all health improved. Erik credits his hot hatha yoga practice for this development. Erik also found that his mood and ability to concentrate improved. 

In the fall of 2015 Erik completed Evolation Yoga's 500 hour hot hatha teacher training in New York City. Erik wants to share the physical and mental benefits of this particular sequence of asanas with his students.

Erik has practiced this hot hatha method in studios all over the South East, US, Miami, FL, NY, NY, Berlin, Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden.

Kristy discovered yoga when she was sidelined by a running injury. Frustrated, she turned to yoga as a means of healing and because that was the only form of exercise she could do. She quickly became addicted, and now yoga is her favorite thing to do! Not only did yoga heal her injury, she found that yoga was an amazing workout, aiding in strength building and endurance. Yoga means so much to her, not only as a means to a great workout, but also as a way of connecting the mind and spirit. Kristy loves being challenged and encourages her students to be open to their unique possibilities!
Yoga turned my life around! Not only did I find community at Real Hot Yoga, but I also found a lifelong practice that I want to share with everyone. I believe showing up on my mat is the hardest part. .
I live in Johnson City with my husband. When we are not working, you will find us traveling, backpacking, or watching documentaries. I teach third grade. I also love to incorporate yoga into my classroom.
I want to thank many of the instructors at RHY JC for encouraging me not only in my practice, but also to complete the RYT 200 hour program.
Christine Regan began practicing yoga in 2006 to help alleviate neck and back pain. She loves to try new styles of yoga everywhere she travels and considers herself a yoga nomad. She hopes to instill in her students a love for yoga and inspire them to grow into a deep sense of the mind, body, and spirit connection that makes this practice so unique and life transforming.
Emily is a registered nurse, wife, and mother of four. After a back injury she found herself in need of something she could do for a good workout. She fell in love with yoga after her very first class. However, she was very surprised by the other benefits yoga had to offer her. She began to find herself changing not only physically but mentally and spiritually. Yoga brought her to a place where her mind, body, and soul began to become one. Emily quickly wanted to share her love for yoga with others. Seeing growth within herself she wanted others to see the possibilities for themselves. She has completed her 200 hour RYT. Emily loves the beach, paddle boarding, photography, and most of all spending time with her family. She brings her joy of life to her teaching and hopes to encourage others to believe in their own beauty.
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