Real Hot Yoga

The 3 Common Mistakes in your Flow

Everyone makes mistakes. Not only in yoga practice, but in life, work and other various facets of our lives. When we make a mistake, we must not only make it, but also become aware of them. Once we are aware of our error, we can adjust (whether minor or major) for the better; thus, bettering our practice, and ourselves along the way. Read More

Real Hot Yoga

Back to School Yoga

The kids are about to be back in school and you can finally schedule in some much needed “me time” again! While summer is a time for family fun, back to school can be a time for parents to invest in themselves again. And how better to invest in yourself; a time to stop and finally say thank you to a body that allows you to be an active parent, and a mind that can overcome all obstacles. Read More

Real Hot Yoga

11 Reasons to Start or Maintain a Hot Yoga Practice in Summer

Better acclimatize to the outside temps. Practicing hot yoga in the summer helps our bodies become more adapted to sweating and to temperature extremes. This makes you less sensitive to hot summer temps and allows you to better enjoy your favorite outdoor sports – even in the sweltering summer heat! It also works the other way around too. When there’s less variance between the outdoor temp and studio temp your workout may feel a little easier since you’re already warmed up when you come in. Read More

Real Hot Yoga

Real Hot Yoga: Strong Body, Strong Mind

As you enter the yoga studio, many instructors encourage their fellow yogis to set an intention. As a Real Hot Yoga member for 5+ years, I have finally settled on an intention: strong body, strong mind. Read More

Real Hot Yoga

A Quality Summer!

As parents, many feel like summer is the time of year that they should stay at home and spend time with their children. Priorities of being a parent make them lean away from their yoga routine and mold to what their children require; however, if we really tune into what our yoga instructors speak about in class – they are inferring we do just the opposite. Read More

Real Hot Yoga

Yoga: The Yin to your Athletic Yang

With Spring in the air, we all navigate outside to enjoy the weather, new blooms and our favorite outdoor activities! Spring is the ideal time to shake off the confinement of winter and get back outside to hike, join an intramural softball league, road or mountain bike, play a round of golf or hit the trails for a quick run! Read More

Real Hot Yoga

Balance over (March) Madness

Every New Year we make a list of resolutions we hope to achieve: to start going to the gym every day; to start a new diet; to cut out alcohol; sugar; or social media. One thing we often neglect is that this January pace of the New Year was never meant to be long term. Read More

Real Hot Yoga

Presence Over Perfection

Here at Real Hot Yoga, we encourage more authenticity than perfectionism, more humility than ego, more acceptance than judgment, and more kindness than competitiveness. Read More

Real Hot Yoga

Ho, Ho, Hot Yoga

The holidays are a time for giving; presents, time, energy and the list continues... Yoga allows you designated time to thank not just your body but also your mind. As they say, you can’t pour into some else’s cup if your cup is empty. Yoga helps to fill your cup! Read More

Real Hot Yoga

A Good Yogi is a Thankful One

Yoga has many intentions, but one always remains the same: thankfulness. Being thankful for a body that is able to practice yoga, and a mind that is willing to push you to new limits... Read More



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