The 3 Common Mistakes in your Flow

Everyone makes mistakes. Not only in yoga practice, but in life, work and other various facets of our lives. When we make a mistake, we must not only make it, but also become aware of them. Once we are aware of our error, we can adjust (whether minor or major) for the better; thus, bettering our practice, and ourselves along the way.


Is that not one of the very reasons we find ourselves seeking yoga? To better ourselves? To better our mind, our body – and our process? Well, we here at Real Hot Yoga are here to help, not only by providing quality hot yoga classes, instructors and studios, but also in helping you improve your practice!


Happy Baby Pose: Happy Baby Pose seems like a pose that would be intuitive to most; however, it is just that assumption that leads to mistakes. The most common mistake with this pose is many yogis tend to lift the back of their neck. This occurs when a yogi tries to grab the bottom of their feet, but don’t yet have the flexibility to do so. Rather than straining to do what everyone around you is doing, honor your body and try grabbing hold of your ankles or shins – or whatever you need to – until the neck rests gently on the mat.


Three-Legged Dog: A common variation of downward dog, this super popular pose is most commonly used in vinyasa flows. Common mistakes with this pose can be avoided by adhering to just a few simple guidelines.

  1. Keep your kneecap engaged
  2. Make sure your hips are square. Pro tip: One way to ensure your hips are square is to keep your gaze towards the lifted leg’s toes while keeping the toes themselves pointed directly down at the ground.

Bridge Pose: One of our favorite poses! Bridge is an inversion often introduced toward the end of a class. This pose is best achieved once everyone has warmed up. The most common mistake found with this pose is alignment issues. The biggest tip we can share is to roll onto the side of the arms and draw your shoulder blades together. This will open the chest, especially if you press your arms and hands down toward the mat for a continual lift.


We here at Real Hot Yoga want to help you with your yoga journey. While we of course would prefer you join us and one of our Real Hot instructors in a Real Hot Yoga class, we also know that tips and tricks such as these is what might get you there.


Join us for a beginner or power class today and make a little less time for mistakes and a little more time for intent!


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